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Almost Famous: A Conversation with Madison Kiernan

You know that girl on social media that looks amazing in every post, each outfit you find yourself saying "Ugh I wish I had that" and (naturally) "it's vintage" so of course only she can have it, and they look so fun to be around you think gah I wish I could just be best friends with her! Well, I have the privilege of being long time besties with that girl in real life. Enter: Madison (soon to be Paine) Kiernan of Almost Madison.

Now all of the above aside, Madison does have unstoppable personal style and an envious collection of really solid vintage pieces, but she also has an undeniably great personality to match. She's witty, ambitious and an overall really amazing friend. As for my side of the story- Madison and I met years ago in Denton, Texas when she was attending college at UNT and I was just.. living there (for lack of any real reason than that) when I complimented her perfectly blended beachy ombré hair color and she complimented my pastel pink nest. I used to be a hairstylist so this was significant, okay? Needless to say it was obviously an instant friendship and from there we spent the rest of our time together in Denton riding around with the top down on her two door Mercedes cocktailed perfectly with excessive Vitamin D + poolside PBR from a straw. After all the fun and growing up in between, here we are years later with big girl jobs and a friendship still strong. I actually take partial credit for introducing Madison to her now fiancé, Rob and they took part in introducing me to one of his best friends, my boyfriend Cory. #sisterwives basically, right? All in all, Madison has been a long lasting friend that I am so grateful for every day, even though cities now separate us every time we get together it's like no time has passed at all. I took the time to ask Madison a few questions so feel free to read below and as always thanks for reading, friends!


Lauren: Tell us a little about yourself and your life lately.
Madison: Well, I have a lot going on lately! I am recently engaged to a cute boy named Rob, and we have a new project in the works called Roomie Romance. I just took on a new role as a Styling Team Lead at Stitch Fix and also run the blog

L: When you aren't working or hanging out with Rob and the pups, what are some of your favorite things to do?
M: Rob and I love to practice photography. I also like to embroider, thrift/vintage shop, and relentlessly rearrange my furniture. 

L: What is your favorite item in your closet right now?
M: 1. My placket detail Ref dress. Splurged on it, but definitely getting that Cost Per Wear in the single digits. 2. This ah-mazing vintage tropical print wrap skirt I found when I co-ran a vintage business a few years ago. 3. My non-wedding wedding dress!

L: What are your go-to shops/stores/online retailers?
M: Reformation, Verge Girl, Stitch Fix, Zara, vintage shops

L: Define your personal style in 2-3 words.
M: elevated eclectic 

Now for rapid fire, off the top of your head which do you prefer:

E! or Bravo? 
M: Honestly, HGTV

TV or books?

Vintage or new? 
M: Gahh, they are yin and yang!

Cats or dogs? hahaha jk obviously dogs

The beach or the mountains? 
M: Life’s a beach

Monica or Rachel?
M: Rachel

Over-seas or roadtrip?
M: Over-seas

Netflix + chill or dinner + a movie?
M: Netflix + chill

Seinfeld or Friends?
M: Friends

Stilettos or mules?
M: Mules

Wine or cocktails?
M: Spicy cocktails!

L: Lastly, what is your personal biggest banana peel moment in life? We've all had one. Some people call it their most embarrassing story, I call it a casual Tuesday. But please, spill on one of your favs.
M: A few years ago, Rob and I took our first big trip together to Hawaii. We were trying to get a photo of me in the ocean with the waves, but one of them hit me really hard and sucked me under! I came up gasping with my hair in a rats nest and the locals were not impressed. BUT as I’m nearly drowning, the first thing I do is grab my Karen Walker sunglasses and hold onto them for dear life, because, you know, priorities. 

On Lauren: 
Jacket: Madewell
Set: Free People
Necklaces: Vintage
Clutch: Madewell (similar) 
Slingbacks: Zara (similar)
On Madison:
Hat: Brixton (similar)
Blazer: Zara (similar.. and super cool)
Scarf: Vintage
Denim: Pistola
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Sezane
photos: Robert Paine

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